23. Implement your remote-first vision w/ Darren Murph, Gitlab

October 11, 2021


Season III is getting started with the top companies who have drawn the best remote-first practices. Gitlab famously opened their Handbook at the most important time when everyone needed to learn all about remote work. They also gave birth to a new role : Head of Remote which has been trending in organisations wanting to succeed in their transition to a remote-first company. This week I am discussing with Darren Murph about what it is to be a head of remote and if you need one in your own organisation to set the foundation work of a remote-first mindset.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Why gitlab opened their handbook
  • Hybrid on paper sounds like the best of both world
  • Why having a leader to implement and maintain a remote-first way of work is crucial
  • How the open-source world influence the mindset of transparency needed in remote work
  • In a remote-setting, there is no place for unspoken rules, everything needs to be written down


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