29. New Year, New Expectations w/ Modern Leaders

January 25, 2022


What a year it's been! In this episode, I am welcoming you back in Year 2 of the Remote First Podcast and sharing my predictions for year 2022. Working in the Metaverse, Working from Anywhere, the new Purpose of an Office and the impact of Remote-First work on the future of education

It is also a great occasion to pay tribute to 28 incredible industry leaders who have taken part on the podcast and sharing with you our favourite moments so you know where to catch-up some episodes you might have missed last year. 

About the Host

Daphnée Laforest is an executive consultant on a mission to help company leaders, people ops and teams, drive a company-wide shift toward remote-first ways of working. Within 10 years of experience in fully distributed companies, she played key roles in establishing scalable workflows for growth, facilitating business decisions remotely through workshop & trainings and building internal products dedicated to digital-first teams.

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