31. Culture Operations w/ Ben Gateley, CEO - CharlieHR

February 22, 2022


In today’s episode, we are diving deep into the discussion of Culture Operations: the process of actively crafting the culture within your business. Ben walks us through the three pillars of culture ops: people, processes, and policies, displaying the value of using culture to achieve business outcomes.

About the Guest

Ben Gateley is the CEO & Co-founder at CharlieHR & host of The Culture Ops Podcast. CharlieHR takes Human Resources to the next level, emphasizing not just the admin that comes with running and operating a business but especially the people and culture within those businesses.\nIn this episode on Culture Operations, we discuss:

  • What it means to implement Culture Operations into your business
  • How to actively craft the desired culture
  • Why working on your business’ culture is an important piece of running a remote-first business
  • The difference between values and behavior
  • The kind of behaviors and policies that make a difference in a remote work setup

Examples of how Culture Operations are functioning within CharlieHR.

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