34. Spotify's Work from Anywhere program, w/ Alexander Westerdahl

April 5, 2022


"Once you give that flexibility, people can also take ownership of their own destiny, their own setup, which will allow them to be a better version of themselves." Alexander Westerdahl, leads the Work-From-Anywhere program at Spotify and his team did an impressive job at offering the best location flexibility to 7000+ employees, while staying compliant and liable which comes with its set of challenges. In this episode you'll hear The challenges of Work From Anywhere Work modes at Spotify If a manager has to say no to remote, they have to motivate the decision. What meetings should actually be used for Alex's opinion about the need for discoverability of information within an organization. Read more about The Reality of Working from Anywhere : https://hrblog.spotify.com/2022/03/29/the-reality-of-working-from-anywhere/ Mentions: Facebook Workplace Sli.do Qatalog: Digital HQ Notion Follow Alex Hawkins: Connect on Linkedin Reach out - You can reach out to the host Daphnée Laforest on Linkedin :) Leave a review, help us get discovered! - If you found value in this show, we'd love your review on your listening app of choice. It really helps to get the podcast discovered by more and more people. RateThisPodcast.com/remotefirst  Key topics discussed: Remote Work, Remote First, Distributed-first, workplace, leadership, mental health --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/remotefirst/message