38. The 100-Day Onboarding Experience

May 31, 2022


Onboarding is the process of integrating new hires into an organization or company. For some, that only takes one day of orientation, however as the pandemic emerged, many companies have become creative and found ways to transition effectively to a remote-first setup, including the onboarding process of new hires. One of them is Cimpress.

Today, we have invited Brittany Sohns. She is the manager of Remote Onboarding and Learning & Development at Cimpress. A manufacturing company that was a remote adverse company in the past but has successfully transitioned from office-centric culture to a remote-first culture.

In this episode, Brittany shares how she strives to create the best work experience through developing their own 100-day remote onboarding experience.

In this episode:

[01:10] How Cimpress transitioned from an office-centric company to remote-first culture during the pandemic.

[02:34] With overwhelming positive team member feedback they decided to transition to permanent remote-first working. 

[03:27] At Cimpress, remote work means working in a home office or any location and not physical office space. 

[04:08] Cimpress has collaboration centers across the globe where its employees can gather and work together if they want to.

[05:57] Before going remote-first, Cimpress employees from across the States and the globe were already using communication and collaboration tools that allowed them to work together, which they still use now with other new tools.

[06:40] Some of the tools they’ve implemented are Miro for collaboration and launching 360 learning for content learning.

[07:38] To enable a better remote-first experience for the employees, they created a cross-functional project team and made remote-first the strength of their culture and become a competitive advantage.

[08:43] Aside from implementing a remote-first handbook, they also created a remote-first team member success team. A team that focuses on onboarding, learning and development, communication and collaboration, and knowledge management.

[10:12] Cimpress implemented a 100-day program for remote onboarding which is an upgrade from a single day of orientation sessions and aim for a world-class onboarding program.

[11:06] How the 100-day onboarding program works. 

[12:30] To bring a sense of connection and belonging, new team members are grouped into cohorts according to their start date.

[15:46] They provide an onboarding program checklist that outlines all of the company tasks that need to be completed in their first 100 days at the company. 

[16:32] Also, each manager or team creates a role-specific onboarding plan.

[17:20]  Some of the initial difficulties was the adjustment of transitioning from 1-2 days to a longer onboarding period.

[18:32] The biggest adjustment they had to through was working remotely was new for all of them.

[20:24] For Brittany, she aims to continue optimizing and enhancing the current program based on metrics and team member feedback.

[21:44] Sometimes people forget how important onboarding is. It reduces turnover, increases engagement, increases job satisfaction, and the education of why onboarding is important. 

[24:24] One of the gaps they experienced was in the role-specific onboarding plan for new hires. Managers were given the freedom to create and decide the framework but found out they need guidance. 

[27:49] Other programs implemented for remote-work work experience are their learning management system, Udemy for business, 360 Learning, Remote First Champion Collective, and hiring a team member who focuses on knowledge management.

About Brittany Sohns

Brittany Sohns is the manager of Remote Onboarding and Learning & Development at Cimpress. A developer of software and manufacturing capabilities that transform traditional markets into customized products.

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