41. Metaverse at Work w/ Ed Greig, Deloitte Digital

July 12, 2022


Virtual Reality and the Metaverse is transforming the way we work and interact virtually. Can you imagine sitting down for a virtual meeting, looking to your right, and actually seeing and interacting with the colleague next to you?

I want to talk more about the future of Metaverse and for that, I’m bringing Ed Greig as a guest in today's episode of the Remote First Podcast. Ed is the Chief disruptor at Deloitte Digital UK and we’re going to discuss Metaverse technologies, the opportunities and benefits of the Metaverse, and some of his team's latest experiments working in the Metaverse. 

In this episode:

[01:20] What they do at Deloitte Digital

[04:45] The 4 key areas of Metaverse technologies  

[10:05] Opportunities and benefits of immersive technology

[15:45] How you can experience the Metaverse

[21:22] 3 Solutions Deloitte Digital uses for collaborations and events online

[28:40] Leveraging virtual reality and the Metaverse in remote teams

[34:00] What they’re trying next at Deloitte Digital

Connect with Ed Greig

Linkedin: Ed Greig FRSA

Website: deloittedigital.com

Resources Mentioned:

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--- Other resources mentioned in this episode: Deloitte Digital.