42. Equipping Teams Globally w/ Hofy // Startup Series

July 26, 2022


The rise of Remote Work is transforming the way companies are hiring. Businesses are no longer hiring talent where their headquarters are, they’re hiring talent where the talent is. This creates the need for companies to deliver a globally consistent employee experience, and to equip all of their employees with the optimal workspace at home, wherever they may be.

Today, we are discovering a new Startup for Remote Work: Hofy.

In this episode, I’ll be chatting with Sami Bouremoum, the CEO of Hofy, about this new reality for businesses and employees, what really matters when setting up a home office, dealing with local regulations, and much more.

In this episode

[02:18] Having a first day at home should be as good as having that first day in the office

[05:21] What really matters in a home office

[09:07] Saving money on equipment for your employees is a false economy

[16:42] The things you need to really  invest in to equip your employees for success

[21:01] The difference between allowing and facilitating remote work

About Our Guest

Sami Bouremoum is the CEO of Hofy. He is a dad and an entrepreneur. His company enables businesses to equip employees from a physical perspective anywhere in the world, giving them a consistent employee experience wherever they are hiring.

Connect with Sami Bouremoum

On LinkedIn

Through email info@hofy.com 

Resources Mentioned

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--- Other resources mentioned in this episode: Hofy.