45. Ownership Culture in Remote Companies w/ Morgan Legge, Convert

September 6, 2022


In this time of remote work, companies big and small all over the world have been making the switch and becoming either fully or partially remote. However, the systems these companies are using hold them back from success and end up making their people feel undervalued, micromanaged, and burnt out.

But that's not a failure of remote work, that's a failure of business management because recreating the office online is NOT ENOUGH.

Today, we have Morgan Legge,  the head of Organizational Change, Holacracy Coach, and much more at Convert, a trailblazing conversion optimization SaaS company. 

In this episode, we talked about Convert’s (and many other companies’) solution this: Holacracy, an organizational operating system “made for remote work” that empowers the people closest to the work to make the decisions, removing hierarchical roadblocks to the company’s success, and allowing them to make the most out of asynchronous remote work and communication.

In this episode:

[03:35] What Convert is all about

[06:35] Morgan’s journey of implementing Holacracy at Convert 

[11:10] How Holacracy works in practice 

[16:00] The importance of having explicit transparency and clarity on where the power lies for remote work

[22:10] Combating “Zoom Fatigue” and other great benefits of Holacracy

[29:16] What companies that switched to remote work are still missing

About Our Guest

Morgan Legge is the head of Organizational Change, Holacracy Coach, and much more at Convert. She is a self-taught Holacracy expert and remote work evangelist, as well as a master generalist with a knack for viewing complex problems with fresh eyes and articulating unexpected solutions.

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Resources Mentioned:

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To dive deeper into Holacracy, the idea of boss-free remote work, and the necessary distinction between managers and leaders in this framework, be sure to read this post.