46. Async Work is a Culture Shift

September 20, 2022


Today's episode is a very special one for me because it is my first ever solo episode. So, I wanted to take the time to give you the knowledge and tools you need to really dig deep into the topic of asynchronous work and make the best use of it in your company.


There’s so much more you can do with async work than simply recreating the office online. So, to make your work fully independent and still be able to work with people from all over the world and in any timezone, it is necessary to think about async work as a culture shift within your organization.


Tune in to learn what async work really is, how it’s being used in different organizations, the five principles of async, and the philosophy that will help you better implement it.

In this episode:

[02:03] The first step of implementing async

[03:33] The 3 different ways of doing async work

[05:36] The open source mindset

[09:45] The 5 principles of async communications

[11:23] Asynchronous as a culture shift and the tools to implement it 

[16:24] What transparent async looks like in practice 

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Resources Mentioned:

Qatalog Work Hub – Find what you need, see who’s working on what, and get updates on where things are at, without the endless stream of emails and pings coming from everywhere. Sign up now at Qatalog.com for a free 30-day trial, for you and your team.

Instant Async Tools:

>> Slack

>> Teams

Transparent Async and Project Management Tools:

>> Qatalog

>> GitHub

>> GitLab

>> Jira

>> Asana

Great Open Source Philosophy Examples:

>> Automattic, the company behind WordPress

>> Elastic, you may also want to check out Episode 10. Hybrid is distributed by design w/ Leah Sutton - Elastic

Thread-Based Communication Tools

>> Twist from DOIST

>> P2 from Automattic

Knowledge Management Tools:

>> Slides

>> Notion

>> Guru

Async Meetings Tool >> YAC

Episodes to help you in your Async implementation journey

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>> Episode 16. Digital is your new HeadQuarters w Qatalog // Startup Series

>> Episode 18. The next generation is expecting async video collaboration with Voodle // Startup Series

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Our season’s sponsor Qatalog is producing an outstanding mini-documentary series called Language Work that brings together experts, business leaders, and academics, to discuss the evolution of work and how we can change it for the better. In their latest episode, I was joined by some fabulous people and we talked about how work is becoming timeless with asynchronous work. To watch it go to language.work.