48. Building a Culture of Learning w/ 5Mins // Startup Series

October 18, 2022


Welcome to another episode of the Startup Series. Discover how the startup 5Mins can help build a culture of learning in your remote-first organization. 

Today, we have Saurav Chopra, the founder, and CEO of 5Mins. This startup is a bite-sized learning platform that focuses on building a learning culture within teams and organizations. 

In this episode, we talked about the key principles of learning, how to overcome the fundamental problems with learning at work, and how to unlock the full potential of individuals within your organization by nurturing curiosity to build a culture of learning and innovation.

In this episode:

[01:30] How 5Mins uses personalized learning paths and bite-sized lessons to build a culture of learning

[9:13] The key principles of learning: chunking, repetition, and recall 

[10:51] The fundamental problems with learning engagement at work and how to overcome them

[17:00] The importance of individualized learning for each role within a company and how management can integrate peer learning to create change and progress within an organization 

[23:22] Why curiosity needs to be embraced as a core value within an organization to build a culture of learning and innovation

About Our Guest

Saurav Chopra is the founder and CEO of 5Mins – a startup with the mission to nurture human curiosity to build a culture of learning within organizations. 5Mins helps people unlock their true potential. 

Connect with Saurav Chopra

On LinkedIn

5Mins Website

Resources Mentioned:

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--- Other resources mentioned in this episode:

Apple App Store:  5Mins App  

Google Play Store:  5Mins App