49. When Gen Z meets Remote Work w/ tl;dv // Startup Series

November 1, 2022


We’ve all probably suffered through the dreadful reality of having too many meetings on our plate, and it’s even worse when they’re all live and close together. Thankfully, there is now a better way to do meetings.

In this episode of the Startup Series, we have Raphael Allstadt the Co-Founder of tl;dv, a company and product that are challenging the old ways of thinking about meetings and improving the meeting culture in remote companies.

Tune in to learn all about this tool and how it is helping make remote work work, by solving the problem of knowledge management and transparency when it comes to content in video format, and by changing the role of meetings in remote companies.

In this episode:

[05:16] What the tl;dv tool offers

[07:05] How tl;dv came to be 

[08:24] Creating transparency through the “Google for meetings” feature

[12:51] Some ideas for the future of tl;dv

[15:18] The idea behind the name and what tl;dv actually stands for

[19:33] The Gen Z mindset and the new experience of work

About Our Guest

Raphael Allstadt is the Co-Founder at tl;dv, where he takes care of Product, Marketing and overall Strategy and Fundraising.

Connect with Raphael Allstadt

On LinkedIn

tl;dv Website

Instagram @tldview

TikTok @tldview

Resources Mentioned:

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