52. The Future of Remote Work

December 13, 2022


What if I told you that remote doesn’t always come first?

For the last episode of Season 5 and 2022, I'm sharing the mic with Scott Markovitz, a startup advisor and fellow podcaster with his show Leading from afar. We got to take a break from remote podcasting and we let in-person come first as we recorded this episode in real life in Berlin.


In this episode, we’re talking about the absolute necessity of getting people together in real life, especially for fully remote companies; some ways to build relationships virtually; working from anywhere; the importance of async for the future of remote work. 

We also got to share what we feel the year 2022 was like for remote work, and what we see happening in the upcoming year of 2023. Scott went even farther into the future and shared with us his musings on what work will look like in 2024.

Thank you so much for listening! I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and see you next year for Season 6, starting on January 10.

In this episode:

[04:25] The importance of IRL meetings for building a strong remote culture

[07:22] Ideas to foster connections and build relationships virtually

[17:27] Going to the office versus co-working spaces and working from home

[23:12] How and why async first is the future of remote work

[40:06] Reflecting on 2022 and looking towards 2023, and even 2024

About Our Guest

Scott Markovits is the host of the Leading from afar Podcast. He was the first hire at InVision and helped build the foundations of the company. From marketing, sales, product, operations, and most things in between. He’s also mentored and consulted with over a thousand early-stage startups; including a ton of remote ones. 

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Resources Mentioned:

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