55. How having a Future of Work team impacts the employee experience w/ Sophie Bieber, SAP

February 7, 2023


Employee experience is crucial and, as we enter the “year of employee experience and retention”, it has truly become the foundation for a company’s success, especially a remote or hybrid one. Today, we have Sophie Bieber, Head of Global Employer Branding at SAP, a massive tech company that established a dedicated, cross-functional team to support and guide the company towards the Future of Work. Tune in to discover the lessons SAP has learned with the Pandemic about hybrid and remote work, as well as the ways that having a team dedicated to making the Future of Work a reality can impact the employee experience. In this episode: [01:42] SAP’s experience going fully remote during the Pandemic [05:43] The office is no longer the default and SAP employees get to choose what works best for them [08:37] The ways SAP gives each team the resources and support they need [16:26] The Future of Work team and its impact on Sophie’s experience as a leader at SAP [23:49] Employee experience is crucial Connect with Sophie Bieber On Linkedin Website SAP --- Creating great content takes time and effort, and this podcast couldn’t exist in the long run without great partners. This season’s sponsor is Qatalog, the world's first Intelligent Work Hub. Centralize your people, processes, and knowledge in a single platform that molds to your needs, instantly. Build your own Qatalog in seconds at qatalog.com --- Visit modernleaders.co to discover how to optimize your new ways of work.