56. TeamOps and the Next Step in the Remote Work Conversation w/ Laurel Farrer, GitLab

February 21, 2023


If we keep talking about where people are working, we're never going to stop having this fight about home office versus office. So, we need to shift the conversation to what really matters: how we work . Today, we have Laurel Farrer , the Head of Workplace , and a Principal of Strategy and Operations at GitLab , who has been a remote work thought leader for almost a decade. GitLab has been able to grow as a company at an accelerated rate that is record-breaking and much of that is because of the ways that they work, which is TeamOps. Tune in to hear all about GitLab’s new way of working that is critical for the success of any team regardless of their workplace model, creates operational efficiency, allows decisions to be made very effectively, and gives everyone an equal voice in the team.  In this episode: [01:25] Laurel’s journey of advocating for Remote Work and the future of work ‍[05:43] How GitLab retired the Head of Remote role [10:54] What TeamOps is all about [15:54] The 4 principles of GitLab’s effective decision-making model [21:18] Self-management and autonomy are critical for distributed teams [27:42] Laurel’s wish in 2023 for psychological safety in a distributed world Connect with Laurel Farrer On Linkedin Website GitLab Resources Mentioned: If you want to dive deeper into TeamOps and the future of work, you can learn all about how GitLab works by taking the same course that they use for onboarding their own employees, TeamOps: Optimizing Team Efficiency , which is and always will be free. The REWORK Podcast - SEASON 2 - EPISODE 0051: Hire Managers of One --- Creating great content takes time and effort, and this podcast couldn’t exist in the long run without great partners. This season’s sponsor is Qatalog, the world's first Intelligent Work Hub. Centralize your people, processes, and knowledge in a single platform that molds to your needs, instantly. Build your own Qatalog in seconds at qatalog.com --- Visit modernleaders.co to discover how to optimize your new ways of work.