6. You can't function remotely without strong company values w/ Siobhan Mckeown, Human Made

March 29, 2021


Now that you might be redesigning your values to reflect the change you are living in the workplace, use them as a conductor of your orchestra. In a remote and hybrid setting, with the lack of face to face, it is especially important to take the time to think about the way we work and keep each-other accountable. I am so happy to have today Siobhan Mckeown, who is the VP People and Culture at Human Made. She is also the author of the book A life lived remotely and have been involved for years in the WordPress open-source community.

She is incredibly smart and down to earth. Someone who has been into remote work before it was cool. Listen in and learn the real impact remote can have on your culture and values. 

Show Notes Links: 

Human Made public company Handbook

How Human Made's values guide our approach to remote work - blog post

Siobhan's book: A Life Lived Remotely - If work is hell, then what is working from home?

Gitlab Handbook & Coursera

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