8. Keeping your team engaged when apart w/ Laïla von Alvensleben, MURAL

April 26, 2021


In this episode, you'll hear from Laïla von Alvensleben, Head of Culture & Collaboration at MURAL, who will share some of her precious insights around what makes a team stick together in a virtual workplace. From energizer, facilitating skills to a truly inspiring virtual offsite. 

Keeping your team engaged virtually has been a challenge many of you have brought up recently. For those who found themselves suddenly remote, it was like if you were a conductor that lost their orchestra. Many people completely fell out of their comfort zone and were lacking at the right facilitating skills to bring their team together and keep the momentum. 

Show note links 

Icebreakers: https://www.mural.co/blog/online-warm-ups-energizers

Virtual Retreat: https://www.mural.co/blog/2020-mural-virtual-offsite

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