Bonus: The journey of workplace disruption

May 10, 2021


Catching up on Season 1 and looking back at everything we've learned in company of guest from Shopify, Radical Candor, Prezi, Doist, Mural, OysterHR & Human Made. We are taking a break for the month of May to prepare for the launch of Season 2 on May 31st. 

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Hey everyone. So this is a quick bonus episode to thank you for taking part in the remote first podcast for this first season, it's been an incredible experience and I am going to be telling you a bit more about what's coming. For the season one, we've had amazing guests. It's been an awesome time to listen to other leaders who add experience in a remote first workplace.

We've had guests from Shopify, Prezi, Radical Candor. We had people from Doist also from Oyster HR. It's been a really interesting, I loved to have all this conversation with everyone. We talked about remote leadership. We talked about hiring compliance, the limits of asynchronous communication and keeping your team engaged in a remote workplace.

I hope that like me, you really appreciated the content and the interviews and discussions we had with the leaders. It's been really fun for me as well to discover also the world of podcasting. So I hope you also liked the experience, I'm taking a little break for the month of May to prepare the lineup that will be launched on May 31st.

So on May 31st, I'm launching season 2 where we will be having amazing other guests again, but this time I'm so excited, because we have guests coming from larger companies. This time, we will talk a lot about distributed-by-design at scale. So this is very exciting and I hope that you'll be joining us.

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So thank you so much for taking part of this first journey of the remote first podcast and see you on May 31st. 

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