44. Giving Back Opportunity to Refugees Through Remote Work w/ Lorraine Charles, Na'amal

August 23, 2022


The Digital Economy has brought with it a new reality in which you can now work wherever you are, as long as you have the skills. This has created a lot of opportunities everywhere, but none have the potential to benefit from it as much as refugees, 70% of whom live in countries that have restrictions around their right to work.

To explore the challenges refugees face when seeking work and how remote work can completely change the narrative of employment for refugees, in today’s episode we have Lorraine Charles. She is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Na'amal, a non-profit organization that provides refugees and other vulnerable populations training in marketable skills required in the global labor market and links them to these jobs.

Tune in to learn all about this amazing organization and how you can be a part of changing the lives of refugees worldwide.

In this episode:

[01:26] Na'amal’s origin and what they’re all about

[04:50] The skills remote employers really look for

[06:33] Remote work and democratized employment in the Digital Economy

[09:08] The Gray Area: legislation and how remote employment for refugees works

[16:28] The local benefits of allowing refugees to do remote work 

[20:31] Dismantling the refugee stereotype through mentorship programs

About Our Guest

Lorraine Charles is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Na'amal and a consultant based in the United Arab Emirates. Her expertise is in political economy, development, education, and refugee issues in the Middle East, which she uses in work to facilitate remote work for refugees and vulnerable populations.

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Na'amal Website

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